Computer Science @ UniCam

The computer science department is a vibrant and young department that is part of the School of Science and Technology. It is located in a very ancient building where history and technology mingle together in order to create a very stimulating working environment. The department is providing the following programmes (i) informatics (3 years); (ii) laurea magistrale MSc (2 years); (iii) Ph.D research. These can be partially performed abroad because of the strong connections (with foreign institutions and research institutes) the department has.Computer science has a strong research background in: modelling, analysis, verification and deployment of distributed systems. The University of Camerino and its computer science department offer remarkable research and teaching infrastructures and efficient student services. Camerino is ranked first among the small-scale Italian University (less than 10000 students, according to CENSIS).

Main Contact: Leonardo Mostarda 
Tel.: +39 0737 402565

Responsible for the Bachelor and Master degrees: Andrea Polini
Tel.: +39 0737 402524 

Ph.D. curriculum in Computer Science: Emanuela Merelli
Tel.: +39 0737 402567