10 years Double Degree between UniCam and FHNW

10 years Double Degree between UniCam and FHNW

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Since its establishment in 2009 the double degree program between University of Camerino and University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland involves students working on getting two Master degrees in parallel. The two degrees are in different but related subject areas. In particular, the students get an MSc in Computer Science at the UNICAM, and an MSc in Business Information Systems at FHNW. This interdisciplinary context gives the students the possibility to gain different expertises and knowledge, and to experience a different way of studying and teaching. 

At UNICAM the curriculum is more focused on academic aspects and technology, while at FHNW the approach is more practical and the students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real and complex contexts. In addition, students can experience different cultural backgrounds. 

So far more than 60 students took part in the Double Degree programme with positive results. The two universities conducted a survey among the former students to get a concrete perception on the students’ point of view, and to get their feedbacks on the experience. The results are encouraging and push us in continuously supporting and improving the programme. Most of the former students would recommend the participation of the Double Degree programme to other students, saying that the double degree experience had a definite impact to improve their professional career. 

Almost all the students are currently employed in research institutions or multinational companies, and some of them already got relevant positions within their organisations. Students recognise that the Double Degree programme is more than a student exchange programme.  

To give a broader picture on the double degree program between FHNW and UNICAM, we arranged a questionnaire asking former and current students to provide their opinion on the double degree program. In February 2019 we shared the questionnaire with the students, and by the end of March 53 of the 63 students (84%) answered as following.

We also asked what were the most interesting aspects and the added value to be enrolled in the double degree program. We grouped students' answers according to three main topics such as experiencing different cultures, combine different competencies, and career advancement.  

Here we provide a broader picture related to the professional career of the Double Degree students we interviewed.

In terms of employers, over the past ten years, 31 companies recruited former Double Degree students, some of them hired two or more graduates. We can also observe that some of the  students are currently employed at Swiss Universities. Here we report the whole picture including the list of companies and universities where the Double Degree students are currently employed.



Argus Data Insights Schweiz AG


BearingPoint AG

BOC Products & Services AG

Business Manager

Centris AG

Credit Suisse AG

Deloitte AG



Helvetia insurances

Holcim Kies und Beton AG



Inselspital Bern



Mondo Convenienza

MSD International

Novidis srl



Queo Swiss

SIX Swiss Exchange

Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd




UniCredit Services S.C.p.A.

University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland HES-SO

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Considering the business activities, the majority of companies recruited graduates to information technology roles. However, the students are also involved in different areas. Among the most recurrent we observe bank and finance, commerce and distribution, research and education and consulting.

From the professional point of view the double degree students are currently employed in the following positions.

AD Analytics for Commercial Trade Channel

Application Service Manager

Business Analyst

Business Intelligence Architect, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (Data Lake)

Business Process Manager


Design Lead

Enterprise Architect

Global ICT Architect

Head of Product Management

ICT Application Responsible in Research

Information Technology Analyst

Information Technology  Security Engineer

Lead Information Technology   Logistic planner

Owner and CEO

Performance Analyst

Platform Manager

Post sell

Product Definition Analyst

Project Manager


Scrum Master

Senior Data Engineer

Senior Manager Technology

Service Developer

Software Engineer